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2014 Home School Classes

The Fort Worth Zoo offers classes for home-schooled children ages 6 to 12 two Tuesdays a month August to December. Classes for home-schooled children ages 13 to 15 are offered one Tuesday a month August to December. Classes, $25 each, are from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. and include Zoo admission and a snack for each student on class day. Class sessions consist of activities such as animal visits, class discussions, in-class work and guided tours of the Zoo. See below for class descriptions.

Children ages 6 to 8

All living things need energy to live and grow. Where does the energy come from? Follow the food chain to find out. See how important each and every animal is to its ecosystem as we uncover the complexities of the food web. The 6 to 8 year old classes will explore a wide variety of topics, while focusing on the importance of a food chain in an ecosystem. Food chains, life cycles, the water cycle, conservation, and other fascinating topics will also be studied during this semester. Each student will learn grade-appropriate information based upon Texas Department of Education standards for Science, Math, and English and Language Arts.

Sept 9 and 23: Food chains: Museum of Living Art (MOLA)
Oct 7 and 21: Food chains: African Savannah and World of Primates
Nov 4 and 18: Food chains: Asian Falls and bird exhibits near Raptor Canyon
Dec 2 and 16: Food chains: Great Barrier Reef and Penguins
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Children ages 9 to 12

All organisms participate in relationships with organisms of different species in their ecosystems. Some relationships benefit the organisms and are essential for both species to survive. Others are detrimental to one organism, but critical for the other organism and still essential to the interdependence of species within the ecosystem. Each class will learn about the different forms of symbiosis with grade-appropriate information based upon Texas Department of Education standards for Science, Math, and English and Language Arts.

Sept 9 and 23: Mutualism
Oct 7 and 21: Commensalism
Nov 4 and 18: Man’s symbiotic relationship with nature and wildlife
Dec 2 and 16: Ecological relationships as they pertain to biomes
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Children ages 13 to 15

Biomes are communities of animals and plants that live together in a particular type of natural environment such as a hot, dry desert or the dark cold deep sea. The 13 to 15 year old class will be learning about different levels of communication within the level of biomes. Systems work similarly at all levels, by touching on solar systems and galaxies we will be able to compare the biggest level of biome with the smallest level. The lessons are planned with grade-appropriate information based upon Texas Department of Education standards for Science, Math, and English and Language Arts.

Sept 23: Cellular biology: Inside flora and fauna
Oct 21: Ecology: From organisms to ecosystem
Nov 18: Biospheres and biomes
Dec 16: Solar systems and galaxies
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Home School Day: Thursday, October 2, 2014

All home-schooled children and their families are invited to a fun-filled educational day in the wilds of the Zoo. Learn amazing facts from our zookeepers at more than 20 Wild Encounters and enjoy asking Zoo staff your best animal questions around the Zoo’s world-class exhibits!


Children 2 & under free
Children 3 to 12 years $4.50
Adults 13+ $6

Please note:

  • Zoo members do not need to register for the event unless purchasing educational program tickets.
  • Tickets purchased at the gate the day of the event will be $7 for adults and $5.50 for children 3 to 12 years.
  • Online registration closes at 5 p.m. the day before the event.
  • Tickets are good for the event date only. Parking is not included in the price of the ticket. Parking is $5 per vehicle.
  • Tickets are nonrefundable, non-exchangeable and no rain checks will be issued.

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Some hints for planning your day:

  • Register online and print your tickets at home so you can enter the Zoo as fast as a cheetah on Home School Day.
  • Have you ever wondered what the Zoo’s lions eat or how much one of the giant Aldabra tortoises weigh? Get up close and personal with more than 20 Wild Encounters with our zookeepers as they deliver amazing facts and stats about your favorite wild things!
  • To add to your Home School Day experience, consider purchasing tickets to an education program presented in our Outdoor Learning Theater. Tickets are $3 per person; children 2 and younger are free.
  • Education program tickets are good for one program at any of the times below. Each person attending the program above the age of 2 years will need a ticket for admittance. Seating is limited and first come, first served.

Featured Programs:

Animal Recess
Noon, 2 p.m.
Learn about the Zoo’s animal enrichment program and how it enhances the animals’ environments.
Animal Geography
11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.
Explore the globe with us as we discover fun facts about the places animals call home.

Weekday Home School Volunteens

This program provides local home-schooled teens, ages 12 to 17, the opportunity to assist our Zoo Preschool teachers. They help set up, clean up and assist students with crafts and excursions into the Zoo. Volunteens come in once a week for half of the day, either from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. or 12:45 to 4:15 p.m. The fall session runs from September to December and the spring session runs from January to May. Applications are completed online and interviews are scheduled after the final application date. After interviewing all applicants, the Education staff will make selections. Selected Volunteens are required to attend a mandatory orientation prior to the start of the semester.

Registration for the spring session will be available in October.

For more information, contact the Education Department:

Fort Worth Zoo
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Fort Worth, TX 76110
phone: 817-759-7200
fax: 817-759-7201
email: education@fortworthzoo.org

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