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Conservation Blog

Fort Worth Zoo celebrates endangered Grand Cayman iguana hatchings

This is a first for us! We’re incredibly proud to announce the hatching of two Grand Cayman iguanas here at the Fort Worth Zoo! This iguana is an endangered species and around 20 years ago, less than 10 individuals remained in the wild. Thanks to managed breeding and conservation programs, that number has climbed to over 700, however feral cats and dogs are still major threats to the species’ survival. The two hatchlings are growing in a behind-the-scenes area of the Zoo... Read More

Fort Worth Zoo talks Texas horned lizard conservation

                                                  Fort Worth Zoo Curator of Ectotherms Diane Barber shares what made this recent Texas horned lizard release so important. Earlier in October, we released 105 Texas horned lizards into their native range at Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area. In total, 260 lizards were released this year and 205 of those... Read More

58 and counting!

                                                                                                Little lizards! Lots of little Texas horned lizards have hatched at the Zoo recently (58 and counting). These guys will ultimately be released into the wild... Read More
Posted by Avery Elander at Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Conservation Action Plan for iguanas drafted

In November 2019, members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Iguana Specialist Group (which includes Fort Worth Zoo staff) met on Roatán with local experts and stakeholders to draft a species Conservation Action Plan for Roatán spiny-tailed iguanas. This iguana is endangered due primarily to overharvesting for human consumption and sale and is found only on the small island of Roatán within the Bay Islands of Honduras. The overall goal of the plan was to... Read More
at Thursday, April 30, 2020

Coral Rescue Project

The Zoo is participating in an ongoing coral rescue and conservation project. Corals are individual invertebrate polyps that grow to form large colonies called reefs that serve as important habitat for many species of marine life and protect shorelines from potentially damaging waves (especially during powerful storms and hurricanes). Although they are a necessary part of the world’s biodiversity, these living animals are in decline. Research shows that 20 percent of the world’s... Read More
Posted by Avery Elander at Monday, February 24, 2020

Updates from the field: Jamaican iguana conservation work

Fort Worth Zoo’s conservation biologist Dr. Stesha Pasachnik, veterinarian Dr. Kim Rainwater and vet technician Brittany Yanez have spent the last week in Kingston, Jamaica for the annual Jamaican iguana health screen at the  Hope Zoo Kingston . The Fort Worth Zoo team and several local and international partners have been hard at work – conducting full-body wellness checks and taking blood and fecal samples of more than 300 critically endangered Jamaican iguanas. Once... Read More
at Thursday, February 13, 2020

Meet Olaf, the IVF toad

Meet Olaf! This tiny toad is the world’s first Puerto Rican crested toad hatched from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) produced utilizing frozen semen collected from the wild. The Fort Worth Zoo and its partners from Mississippi State University worked together at the Zoo this summer to continue their efforts with assisted reproduction technology (ART) for critically endangered amphibians. For the first time ever, they were able to successfully conduct IVF using the eggs from two Zoo... Read More
at Thursday, November 21, 2019

600th horned lizard hatching

Today we’re celebrating the hatching of our 600th Texas horned lizard right here at the Fort Worth Zoo. This hatching is an incredible milestone for our Texas horned lizard program, which has boasted immense success in saving this species since its inception in 2000. It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without acknowledging the dedicated staff, partners and wildlife conservationists who helped make our Texas horned lizard breeding program the success story it is today.  Ours... Read More
at Friday, August 9, 2019

Celebrating Global Tiger Day

photo credit: Gary Meek     Did you know there are less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild today? Across the entire world?  Global Tiger Day is dedicated to the protection of wild tigers and education on how important these animals are for the ecosystems they live in.  The conservation of wild tigers also ultimately helps to protect and conserve other species that share the same habitats such as orangutans, rhinos and elephants. Protecting this species –... Read More
at Monday, July 29, 2019

July is Wild about Wildlife Month

We’re always wild about wildlife, but now we have an excuse to talk about why all month long. Every year, July is dedicated to education about the work and progress toward the protection of wildlife around the world. For this year’s Wild about Wildlife Month, we’d like to kick it off by sharing some of our conservation successes over the past year. For more conservation stories, check out the rest of our Conservation Blog right here on our website. Puerto Rican... Read More
at Tuesday, July 2, 2019