Conservation Blog - February 2018

Conservation Blog

Hurricane Irma and the Anegada Iguana

Fort Worth Zoo Conservation Biologist Kelly Bradley spends the majority of the year in Anegada, a small island in the British Virgin Islands, working to conserve the critically endangered Anegada iguana. Since the conservation program began in 1998 in partnership with the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands, Bradley and a team of fellow conservation biologists have created and maintained a headstart program for the endangered species. Providing a safe environment for juvenile iguanas to... Read More
at Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hurricane Harvey and the Texas Zoo

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast in late August and brought heavy winds and rain, but most of the damage to the southern part of the state was sustained from severe flooding. Immediately after the storm had passed, a network of Texas zoos and aquariums launched emergency response efforts that included unaffected zoos and aquariums sending resources and manpower to those institutions in need. It was determined that our rescue materials and manpower would be needed in Victoria, Texas. On Aug.... Read More
at Thursday, February 1, 2018