Conservation Blog - May 2019

Conservation Blog

Nesting season for the Jamaican iguana

The 2019 nesting season for the critically endangered Jamaican iguana has begun in the Hellshire Hills. Conservation Biologist, Dr. Stesha Pasachnik, works closely with local stakeholders to protect this species during this vital time. Like many other iguanas, this species buries its eggs in the ground. This process can take several days to complete and invasive predators such as cats often take advantage of the delicate time to depredate. In the pictures you can notice that the iguana has a... Read More
at Monday, May 27, 2019

Iguanas and Conservation Workshop

Participants from across the Caribbean and Central America attended the 2019 Iguanas and Conservation Workshop in Roatan, Honduras. Attendees were able to capture and tag 98 iguanas, which will feed into our long-term natural history study to monitor population fluctuations and threat impacts, as well as allow us to better understand the longevity of this species in the wild. Presentations focused on the reproductive biology of the species, dietary studies, and radio tracking and other... Read More
at Sunday, May 5, 2019