Conservation Blog - February 2020

Conservation Blog

Coral Rescue Project

The Zoo is participating in an ongoing coral rescue and conservation project. Corals are individual invertebrate polyps that grow to form large colonies called reefs that serve as important habitat for many species of marine life and protect shorelines from potentially damaging waves (especially during powerful storms and hurricanes). Although they are a necessary part of the world’s biodiversity, these living animals are in decline. Research shows that 20 percent of the world’s... Read More
Posted by Avery Elander at Monday, February 24, 2020

Updates from the field: Jamaican iguana conservation work

Fort Worth Zoo’s conservation biologist Dr. Stesha Pasachnik, veterinarian Dr. Kim Rainwater and vet technician Brittany Yanez have spent the last week in Kingston, Jamaica for the annual Jamaican iguana health screen at the  Hope Zoo Kingston . The Fort Worth Zoo team and several local and international partners have been hard at work – conducting full-body wellness checks and taking blood and fecal samples of more than 300 critically endangered Jamaican iguanas. Once... Read More
at Thursday, February 13, 2020