Celebrating Global Tiger Day

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Celebrating Global Tiger Day

photo credit: Gary Meek

Fort Worth Zoo tigersDid you know there are less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild today? Across the entire world? Global Tiger Day is dedicated to the protection of wild tigers and education on how important these animals are for the ecosystems they live in. 

The conservation of wild tigers also ultimately helps to protect and conserve other species that share the same habitats such as orangutans, rhinos and elephants. Protecting this species – and their land – is critical for more than just tigers. 

At the Fort Worth Zoo, we’re dedicated to tiger conservation on behalf of our own Malayan tigers, native to the evergreen forests and peat swamps in Malaysia and southern Thailand. All six subspecies of tiger, including the Malayan, are endangered, some of them critically. By participating in Global Tiger Day and dispensing education about the importance of healthy tiger populations for the overall ecosystem, we can join the fight against tiger threats such as habitat alteration, illegal trade, and human vs. tiger conflict.