Museum of Living Art

The Fort Worth Zoo’s Museum of Living Art (MOLA), a premier Herpetarium, brings guests eye-to-eye with some of the most exotic and endangered species on the planet. Each facet of MOLA is a piece of art – from the life-like, hand-painted murals on the exhibit walls to the 5,000 reptiles, amphibians and more that are living, breathing works of art.

The 30,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor facility houses more than 100 amphibian and reptile species, representing more than 850 animals. Upon entering MOLA, guests see North America’s largest saltwater crocodile, measuring more than 15 feet long, in his “oceanfront” exhibit. Other crowd-pleasers include the Zoo’s 15.5-foot Burmese python, Fly River turtles, yellow spotted climbing toads and a king cobra, all housed in bright, natural habitats with one-of-a-kind mural and rock work in each exhibit. The Zoo’s Komodo dragons reside in indoor and outdoor exhibits, complete with a dirt bank ideal for digging holes and laying eggs, and a pool that’s perfect for basking in the sun.

MOLA features spacious, humidity-controlled exhibits and state-of-the-art conservation tools, such as quarantine rooms and hibernaculuma that facilitate the breeding of rare, endangered and critically endangered animals. In response to the recent global amphibian crisis (32 percent of the world’s amphibians are facing extinction in the next five to 10 years), the Fort Worth Zoo prioritized housing, research and breeding amphibians in a building specifically designed to meet the animals’ needs. Some biologists liken the global amphibian crisis to the mass extinction of the dinosaur.

Open encounter areas encourage discussion and education and allow guests to come face-to-face with exotic species  such as the giant New Caledonian gecko, Honduran milk snake and hatchling turtles. Complete with educational programming and correlating activities such as backpack tours and keeper chats, MOLA will also share messages of environmental stewardship with guests, students and teachers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Please contact Alexis Wilson (Communications Director) or Katie Giangreco (Public Relations Assistant Manager) with any media inquiries.

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