Conserving species around the world

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Conserving species around the world

Since 1993, Zoo staff members have been instrumental in developing seven distinct non-profits dedicated to species conservation. The foundations capitalize on unique partnerships with corporations, universities, conservation centers, private individuals and other zoos. The results have been tremendous, providing more than $7 million to date for species conservation programs worldwide. Our foundations boast volunteer boards, few staff and minimal administrative overhead costs. As a result, funds raised to support the Zoo’s conservation mission are channeled directly to the places and programs where they are needed most. 

Arthur A. Seeligson, Jr. Conservation Fund

International Bongo Foundation (IBF)

International Elephant Foundation (IEF)

International Iguana Foundation (IIF) 

International Rhino Foundation (IRF) 

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) 

Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation (ZWNF)

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