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Zoo Programs and Camps at the Fort Worth Zoo

visiting the flamingo exhibit at the Fort Worth ZooThe Zoo established its first formal education program in 1970. Since then, it has flourished and now teaches thousands of children (K-12) about wildlife and conservation through certified curriculums taught by Texas-certified teachers.

The Zoo’s year-round programs provide opportunities for children to receive hands-on application of conservation principles and up-close and personal views of the Zoo’s animals. Recently, new leadership and technology have afforded the Zoo the opportunity to reach students of all ages with many of the electronic resources they are now accustomed to using. Students in programs such as Zoo Careers Fort Worth Zoo Museum of Living ArtCamp and Summer Zoo Camp now have access to the type of equipment often seen in modern classrooms. This hands-on learning style is important to implement since tactile learning is often the most underused and, many times, the best way students learn.

There’s always an adventure waiting for you at the Fort Worth Zoo! Check out the fun, educational activities we have in store for you.

For more information, contact the education department:
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