Elephant Springs

Elephant Springs

Elephant Springs - Now Open!


We can't wait for you all to visit the herd up close at the all new Elephant Springs! Almost tripling its current size, this space serves as the home to our Asian elephant herd, which includes a three-generation family. The addition of multiple, expanded yards and varied habitats help to enhance the Zoo’s successful breeding program. These improvements will allow the herd numerous enrichment opportunities with multiple pools and yards. The Fort Worth Zoo intends to remain at the forefront of elephant conservation and management. Elephant Springs will allow the Zoo to further this leadership role and guarantee the survival of these magnificent creatures for generations to come.

The greater one-horned rhino is upstream from the Asian elephant herd in Elephant Springs as it befits the natural geographic relationship. With rhinos facing extinction in the wild in as few as 25 to 30 years, the Fort Worth Zoo takes its responsibility seriously to further the survival of this vulnerable species by continuing its successful breeding program. In 2012, the Zoo celebrated a major conservation success with the birth of the greater one-horned rhino calf, Asha. Her birth was a first for the Fort Worth Zoo and the first ever in the state of Texas. The new space will improve the Zoo’s ability to breed these impressive animals.



Elephant Springs Adoption 


Celebrate the opening of Elephant Springs by adopting a Fort Worth Zoo elephant! This is an excellent opportunity to play a part in caring for the Zoo’s animals, like our elephant herd. Your adoption fees contribute to the care and feeding of the Zoo’s animals for one full year.