Forests & Jungles

Lion watercolor graphic for Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaign

Forests & Jungles

Forests & Jungles

Projected Opening: Spring 2025

chimpanzee watercolor graphic for Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaignThe final development stage for A Wilder Vision Forests & Jungles – will take place in the heart of the Zoo just before Texas Wild!. No longer will guests walk down the straight main path, as this habitat will have Zoo visitors winding through tree-lined trails surrounded by animals from some of the world’s lushest forests and jungles.

An animal found only in the deepest parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo rainforests will soon live at the Fort Worth Zoo – the okapi. This unique animal might look like a relative of the zebra because of its black-and-white-striped hindquarters, however, it is actually the only living relative of the giraffe. The Zoo has been a long-time contributor to successful conservation projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including the okapi, and is proud to introduce this species to visiting families.

The Zoo’s African bongo collection will take up residence in this new habitat. The Fort Worth Zoo leads the International Bongo Foundation and the bongo breeding program among North American zoos, working both onsite in the animal’s native country of Kenya and also breeding in managed collections throughout the United States. The bongo breeding program has been highly successful and the Zoo is excited to give these animals a new home.

The Sumatran orangutan will also reside in the Forests & Jungles habitat. The arboreal apes will eventually leave their World of Primates habitat and take over a reimagined treetop habitat in this part of the Zoo. The Zoo hopes to have an opportunity for renewed success in breeding these critically endangered primates.

Fort Worth Zoo Forest and Jungles concept map for A Wilder Vision campaign