Hunters of Africa & Asian Predators

Lion watercolor graphic for Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaign

Hunters of Africa & Asian Predators

Asian Predators & Hunters of Africa 

Projected Opening: Spring 2023

We have said farewell (for now) to the lions, tigers, hyenas and zebras and construction is underway on this third phase of A Wilder Vision. It will be a few years before they return, but when they do, they will reside in renovated, reimagined habitats and you will be able to observe and interact with them like never before. Read on to learn more about this new space.

Cascading waterfalls and multiple pools flow through the exhibits that will house several skilled hunters of the animal kingdom. Striped hyenas and the striking, yet critically endangered, Malayan tigers will call this lush habitat home. Joining these animals in naturalistic habitats will be a new species for the Fort Worth Zoo, the elusive clouded leopard.watercolor cheetah graphic for Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaign

Just beyond the clouded leopard habitat will be an expanded African lion habitat. In 2012, a breeding pride arrived at the Fort Worth Zoo from Africa, introducing a new bloodline into the managed collection of lions in North American zoos. A redesigned habitat will allow these cats to enjoy an expanded yard while guests will be separated by only a water moat or a pane of glass.

The cheetahs, the fastest land mammal on earth, will be relocated from their current home at the Zoo. Their new space will allow for better viewing of these noble creatures and provide an enriched environment for the animals themselves. Another predator species that will soon call the Fort Worth Zoo home is the African leopard, and a pack of African wild dogs will also rejoin the collection.

Hunters of Africa concept map | Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaign