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A Wild Party for Your Wild Child!

Give your child a once-in-a-lifetime birthday adventure at the Fort Worth Zoo! Choose between one of our three party packages for a roaring good time! Zoo members receive a 10 percent discount. Questions about kids' birthday parties? Contact our education department at 817-759-7200.

Birthday Party Packages



Non-members - $375

Members - $337.50

  • 15 general admission Zoo tickets
  • 10 giraffe feeding vouchers
  • Birthday gift for birthday child ($10 in Zoo bucks)

 **Does not include a room reservation**


Saturday & Sunday

9 to 10:30 a.m. &

11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Non-Members - $750

Members - $675

  • 30 general admission Zoo tickets
  • 15 giraffe feeding vouchers
  • 1.5 hour room rental in Education Building
  • Birthday gift for birthday child ($10 in Zoo bucks)


Saturday & Sunday

9 to 10:30 a.m. &

11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Non-Members - $950

Members - $855

  • 30 general admission Zoo tickets
  • 30 giraffe feeding vouchers
  • 1.5 hour room rental in Education Building
  • Birthday gift for birthday child ($10 in Zoo bucks)
  • Live animal presentation in your party room

Book Your Birthday Party

Birthday Party FAQs

What is a Wild package?

Wild packages do not come with a room reservation.  This means you will be able to set up for your party at any of our picnic areas or areas with tables and chairs on a first come basis.  You may bring a small cooler and outside food.  The zoo does not allow glass containers, alcohol, single-use straws and lids, balloons, streamers, or pinatas.

Do your packages come with anything else not listed? Like food or a party attendant?
No. What you see listed is all we include in our package. However, there will be staff onsite that can help you if you have forgotten or need anything.
What days do you have available?

You can click on the green “book your party” button to view a calendar of available days (green means there is plenty of availability, yellow means there is limited availability, red means that day is sold out, and grey means that day is unavailable for parties).

Where is the Education Building?

The Fort Worth Zoo Education Building shares the main parking lot with the Zoo itself. The building is located on the right side of the parking lot, toward the ticket booth. Look for a thatch-roofed cabana with a sign for Adventure Base Camp and follow the ramp on its right-hand side. From there, a bridge leads directly to the Education Building. You do not need tickets to get into the Education building.

Can you tell me about the room?

There is a 35-person room maximum, any combination of children and adults. Our rooms are all-purpose classrooms and come with plenty of chairs, three rectangular tables (that measure about 8 feet long), and a countertop along the back wall with a sink. You are welcome to bring decorations such as tablecloths and birthday banners, we just ask that you do not damage our walls and remove all decorations at the end of your party. You may want to bring a wagon to help carry any party items from the parking lot into the building.

What is an animal presentation?

It is a 20-minute live animal presentation in your party room! Our keepers bring in three different animals (a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles all native or exotic), tell you a little bit about them and answer any questions you may have! Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which animals you will see, and you cannot choose certain animals, due to animal schedules and behaviors. If you’d like to request a certain kind of animals (maybe the birthday child loves birds! We’d love to introduce them to some of ours!) or you can request to NOT have a certain kind of animal (maybe the birthday child is afraid of birds, we do not want any party guest to be nervous or afraid during the presentation).

Are we allowed to bring food?

Yes! We do not provide food for any of our party packages, but you are welcome to bring your own! Many parties choose to have pizza delivered or bring in sandwich trays. We do not have a refrigerator to store food. We also do not allow external heating sources (burners, microwaves etc.)

Are we allowed to decorate?

Yes! We always suggest to at least bring tablecloths (you’ll need three rectangular ones) since this will make clean up easier. Balloons and candles are not allowed. We have magnetic whiteboards on one wall, which is a great space to hang a birthday banner. You can also hang anything on our walls if it doesn’t damage them or remove paint.

Can I store my gifts, food, décor etc. in the building while we are in the Zoo?

No. Our staff will be unavailable until 30 minutes prior to your party starting.

Is there anything not allowed at my party?

Due to liabilities, outside vendors (clowns, face painters, balloon artists, etc...) are not allowed as part of your party. No catering is allowed, but you may bring in your own trays of food such as donuts, pizza, Chick-fil-a, sandwiches, etc. Balloon, piñatas, laser lights, silly string and noisemakers are not allowed on Zoo property. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and firearms are not allowed in the Education Center or on Zoo grounds.

What do people usually do for the 1.5 hours in the party room?

It is entirely up to you! We normally see our party families eat cake, open presents, have refreshments, have their animal presentation, and perhaps a quick, easy game or craft (if you are thinking of a craft, we suggest something simple and easy to clean up).

How do the giraffe feeding vouchers work?

Each voucher gets you 3 pieces of lettuce. They can be redeemed anytime during the day of your party. Take them to the giraffe kiosk to exchange them for your lettuce leaves.  

Do I get time to set up/break down my party?

Yes. You get 15 minutes prior to your party time to set up. Your party room must be cleaned and cleared out by the end of your reservation time.

Safari Splash Birthday Party

Get wet and go wild at the Fort Worth Zoo for your child’s birthday! Host a party for up to 30 guests at Safari Splash, the Zoo’s water attraction. Birthday packages include a three-hour private cabana rental, Safari Splash admission for all guests* and Zoo admission for all guests.* Safari Splash birthday parties must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
*valid date of party only.

Weekday Party

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Non-members - $600

Members - $540

Book Weekday Party

  • 15 general admission Zoo tickets
  • 15 Safari Splash tickets
  • Three-hour private cabana

Weekend Party

Saturday & Sunday

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Non-members - $900

Members - $810

Book Weekend Party

  • 30 general admission Zoo tickets
  • 30 Safari Splash tickets
  • Three-hour private cabana
  • Additional Zoo tickets must be purchased online using the online ticketing system.
  • Extra Splash tickets are purchased at the Splash ticket booth on the day of the party.
  • Tickets are picked up in Member Services on the day of the party.
  • To extend your cabana time, you have to wait until the end of the party and speak with the Splash ticket booth.
  • Read Birthday Party FAQs here

Safari Splash FAQs

Can I add extra time?

Yes. If you’d like to extend your cabana reservation to be longer than the three hours included in the package, you can do that on the day of the party (not before), by talking to the Splash ticket booth attendant.

Can I add extra tickets?

Yes. You will need to purchase additional zoo tickets online using the online ticketing system, be sure to select the correct time and wait to purchase additional Splash tickets until the day of the party at the Splash ticket booth.

Can I bring my own food? Do you offer catering?

We do not offer catering with any of our party packages. You may bring in your own trays of food such as pizza, Chick-fil-A, sandwiches, etc. We do not have a refrigerator to store food. We also do not allow external heating sources (burners, crockpots etc.) Coolers are allowed. Due to liabilities, outside vendors (catering, clowns, face painters, balloon artists, etc...) are not allowed.  Also not permitted: glass containers, single-use plastic straws and lids, alcohol, balloons, pinatas, silly string, and noisemakers. Tablecloths and party hats are welcome!

Can I get a smaller package?

No. These are the only two packages we offer. If these packages do not fit your needs, you are welcome to come celebrate on your own by purchasing Zoo tickets online and booking a cabana and splash tickets when you arrive!

Can I add splash tickets/cabanas to the regular zoo party packages?

No. We cannot add Splash tickets or a cabana rental to our regular Birthday packages, you will have to do that when you arrive on the day of your party by going to the Splash ticket booth.

What if I’m a member, can I use the extra zoo tickets on a different day or use the unused zoo tickets as credit towards something else?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to put the value of the unused Zoo tickets towards anything else and cannot validate those to be used other days. If you are a member, and most of your guests are members we suggest celebrating on your own by waiting to book a cabana and get your Splash tickets on the day of the party.

Is there will call for my tickets?

No. Your party packet will be placed at Member Services. You will be responsible for distributing your tickets to your guests, on the day of the party, Zoo staff cannot hand out tickets to anyone except the person whose name is on the reservation.

What decorations can I bring?

If you’d like to bring decorations, we encourage you to keep it to table decorations as it is difficult to get a banner to hang on our cabanas and the moisture from the Splash pad makes it difficult for things to stick. If you are bringing tablecloths, consider also bringing clips to keep them from blowing away.

Is there a party attendant to help during the party?

No. We suggest enlisting a friend or family member to help you set up and break down. Bring a wagon(s) to take items in and out.

What if extra guests show up?

They will have to purchase Zoo admission tickets either online or at the front gate ticket booth. Splash tickets can be purchased at the Splash Ticket booth.

How do I get my tickets to my guests?

We recommend having a family member or friend stand in the front plaza waiting to hand out tickets to your guests.

What about parking?

Parking is not included. There is a $5 parking fee to enter the main lot. We cannot promise there will be spots available in the main lot. Parking is free for Zoo members.

What if it rains on my party day?

We will reschedule your party if severe weather is predicted on the day of your party. If you decide to reschedule your party on your own, there is a $25 fee. If Splash has a delayed opening, we will extend your cabana time accordingly.

When is Splash open?
Splash opens at 10 a.m. and closes when the Zoo closes. You can check current Zoo hours here
Can I get in early?

Unfortunately, since your rental begins when Splash opens, we are unable to get you into Splash earlier, but you are welcome to begin unloading your vehicle and have your things ready to enter the Splash pad at 10 a.m.

Do adults have to have a Splash ticket?
Yes, everyone 3 and over needs a ticket to enter Splash, including members.
How many tables are in the cabana?
There are three rectangular tables, and one square table in the cabana.
When do I have to be in/out of the cabana?

You will have access to the cabana from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Other guests may have reserved the cabana after you, so you must be out of the cabana by 1 p.m. unless you have extended your time.

Where is the cabana?

The cabana included in this package (called the Elephant Cabana) is located to the left of Splash Snacks, and to the right of Tropical Treasures. Any Splash attendant will be able to direct you.