Member Portal Setup
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Member Portal Setup

Learn how to use your NEW Member Portal!

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Member Portal FAQs

What is the member portal?
The Member Portal is a simple way to digitally access your and your family's Zoo membership. The Member Portal contains digital membership IDs to allow for easy entrance and in-park use, as well as the capability to add to Apple Wallet. You can also easily renew your memberships and purchase discounted guest tickets, from within the portal. 
How do I create an account on the Member Portal?
Creating an account is easy! Watch the tutorial above, and follow the simple steps. Have questions? Contact Member Services at 817-759-7337 or email 
Are all members required to use the Member Portal?
No, members are not required to use the Member Portal, but it is a helpful that we are excited to recommend. 
How can I access my digital membership card?
You may access your digital membership card by logging into your unique Member Portal here. Upon arrival at the Zoo, you will scan your digital membership card on your phone. You can also add to your Apple Wallet for even easier access. 
If I have a digital membership card, do I still need a printed card?
No, you do not need your physical membership card if you have your digital membership card. You do, however, still need an official photo on file. These photos can be taken at the Member Services office.
If I purchase a membership online/in-person, am I still required to go to Guest Relations to get my photo taken?
Yes, you will still be required to get your picture taken for your digital membership ID.