Summer Zoo Camp – Middle School

Middle School Zoo Camp

Middle School Zoo Camp

Middle School Zoo Camp is designed specifically for students entering sixth through eighth grades who have an interest in animal- or zoo-related fields. Each two-day camp will focus on a certain aspect of Zoo life and will include behind-the-scenes encounters with our highly knowledgeable Zoo staff and amazing animals.

Zoo members receive a 10 percent discount.

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Summer Zoo Camp Registration

NEW! Zoo members exclusive presale begins on Feb. 25. Fort Worth Zoo members will have a chance to register early for all Summer Zoo Camps. Spaces are limited.

Regular registration for Summer Zoo Camp will open on March 4.

Camp Fees

The fees listed below are charged per camper, per session. Registration fees include guided Zoo tours, keeper chats, craft activities and a Summer Zoo Camp T-shirt (required to be worn daily). Full-day campers will need to bring their own lunch daily. Zoo members receive a 10 percent discount.

  • Middle School Zoo Camp: $285 per camp
  • Before care - $40
  • After care - $40
  • Before and after care - $70
  • Additional T-shirt (optional) - $10

Times: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Ages: Entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades

Dates and Themes
June 11 - 12 

 Animal Outreach

Is animal training and behavior more your style? Gain incredible experiences with animal outreach specialists at the Outdoor Learning Theater and at specific exhibits across the Zoo.

June 18 - 19


Expand your bird brain and learn about the diverse world of the Zoo’s feathered friends. Work with bird staff to study birds large and small, herbivorous and carnivorous, and a variety of habitats spanning from the craggy, windswept shorelines of Antarctica to dense, humid forests near the Equator.

June 25 - 26

 African Savanna

Come behind the scenes at the African Savanna! See for yourself the amazing heights of our giraffe barn or what a bed for a 3,000-pound hippo looks like! Campers will learn from our African Savanna keepers what it takes to look after some of the Zoo’s largest residents.

July 9 - 10


Don’t let scaly exteriors fool you – cold-blooded creatures are truly amazing! Get an up-close-and-personal look at the thousands of exceptional ectotherms that call the Zoo home.

July 16 - 17

 Texas Wild!

Discover the diversity of native wildlife that you can find in your own backyard! This camp will not only introduce important wildlife management techniques to campers, but give them behind the scenes experiences with some of Texas’ most beloved mammals, birds and reptiles!

July 23 - 24


Our world-class hospital and amazing Zoo vets are the center of this camp. Get a close-up look at our facilities and learn what it takes to medically care for exotic animals.

Aug. 6 - 7


Everyone has to eat! Take a trip to one of the most amazing kitchens in the world, meet highly trained animal nutritionists and assist in the preparation of diets for a variety of Zoo animals.

 Questions? Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions / Parent Handbook.

Summer Zoo Camp Overnights

New for Summer 2019! Summer Zoo Camp goes NOCTURNAL! Come see what Zoo camp is like after hours. Campers will explore the Zoo under the cover of darkness to discover what really goes bump in the night in this exciting overnight experience. Overnight camp includes dinner, night hike, games and activities, continental breakfast, guided tour through the Zoo and lunch.

Price: $125 per session; Zoo members receive a 10 percent discount.
Times: 6 p.m. to 1 p.m. the following day
Ages: Children entering 3rd - 6th grade in the 2019 - 2020 school year.

 Date  Theme
 June 15 

 Night Crawlers

In the jungle the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ... or does he? See for yourself what the night life is like here at the Fort Worth Zoo! Under the light of the moon, campers will discover who’s out and about while everyone else is fast asleep and dreaming.

 July 20

 Starlight Senses

Night vision goggles, check! Flashlight, check! High-pitched sound waves that can bounce off tiny flying insects ... check! This overnight will focus on all the incredibly fine-tuned senses nocturnal animals have that allow them to survive in the dark.

 Aug. 10

 Howling at the Moon

Wolves howl, crickets chirp, and loons call. The sounds of nature are both beautiful and mysterious, so come learn what all the chatter is about and why those nightly noises are keeping everyone awake!


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