New at the Zoo - March 2016

New Rosellas in Parrot Paradise

Rosella Platycerus Spp. Habitat: Wooded areas, including neighborhoods and parks Range: Australia and some surrounding islands   On your next visit into Parrot Paradise, look around and see if you can spot the newest residents. The Zoo has received five new rosellas – one eastern rosella, two crimson rosellas and two pale-headed rosellas. This brightly colored parrot species is known for its long pointed tail. The coloring of the bird is specific to its species (there are... Read More
at Monday, March 21, 2016

Pronking with the new Springbok

Springbok Antidorcas marsupialis marsupialis Habitat: Open fields, near dry edges of bodies of water Range: South and southwestern Africa   Shortly after entering the Zoo, right in the middle of Zebra Plaza, you’ll notice a new hoofstock species sharing an exhibit with the kudu. Two male springboks have joined the Zoo’s collection from San Diego Safari Park, and are each not quite 2 years old.   The springbok is a striking animal, with beautiful contrasting... Read More
at Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New African penguin chick

African penguin Spheniscus demersus Habitat: Rocky coastlines Range: Southwestern coast of Africa, living on 24 islands between Namibia and Algoa Bay. The largest colony exists on Dyer Island. Meet the newest, fluffiest member of the Animal Outreach team, an African penguin chick! The small, male chick hatched on Jan. 13 at the Fort Worth Zoo under the care of the bird department. Staff will monitor the growth and development of the hatchling, making sure he gains weight,... Read More
at Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Herring gulls join Animal Outreach

Herring gull Larus argentatus Habitat: Coastal areas, offshore islands Range: Europe, Asia, North America   The Animal Outreach team has added some new feathered members to their collection, two herring gulls. If you’ve ever interacted with a gull on the beach, perhaps trying to steal your food, you won’t be surprised to know these animals are highly intelligent, making them the perfect additions to the Animal Outreach program. The gulls are currently in training and... Read More
at Wednesday, March 16, 2016