New at the Zoo - November 2016

The Zoo welcomes a new brown tarantula

Brown tarantula Aphonopelma hentzi Habitat: North American grasslands Range: North America One brown tarantula took up residence at the Zoo this summer. While the brown tarantula may look intimidating, this venomous spider is actually not a threat to humans. Living in the central United States between Utah and the Mississippi River, the brown tarantula is most likely to be seen on grassy hillsides either in the late afternoon or early morning. Females stay close to the burrows... Read More
at Monday, November 14, 2016

New kori bustard chicks

Kori bustard Ardeotis kori Habitat: Dry, open grasslands and wooded savannas Range: Southern and eastern Africa For centuries, humans have appreciated the unique beauty of the kori bustard. From cave drawings to the songs and dances of some African tribes, the large bird has long been valued by the human race. The Fort Worth Zoo is proud to continue that tradition of appreciation for the kori bustard with the birth of five chicks this summer. While the kori bustard is one... Read More
at Monday, November 14, 2016

Puerto Rican crested toad

Puerto Rican crested toad Peltophryne lemur Habitat: Low elevation, semi-arid, rocky areas of scrub or moist forests where limestone is present Range: Karst regions of Puerto Rico The hatching of 1,400 Puerto Rican crested toad tadpoles in June 2016 marks another conservation success for the Zoo. This critically endangered species is threatened by habitat alteration caused by land development and introduced species. However, successful captive breeding programs, including the... Read More
at Monday, November 14, 2016

Toco toucan chicks

Toco toucan chicks Ramphastos toco Habitat: Woodlands, savannas and plantations Range: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, French Guiana, Bolivia, Paraguay and Suriname The Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of three Toco toucan fledglings. The toucans, one male and two females, were born on June 24 and 25, 2016. Their birth is a first for the species at the Zoo. Found in several South American countries, the Toco toucan is the largest member of the toucan family. While this bird may... Read More
at Monday, November 7, 2016