New at the Zoo - October 2020

Grand Cayman iguana hatching!

  This is a first for us! We’re incredibly proud to announce the hatching of two Grand Cayman iguanas here at the Fort Worth Zoo! This iguana is an endangered species and around 20 years ago, less than 10 individuals remained in the wild. Thanks to managed breeding and conservation programs, that number has climbed to over 700, however feral cats and dogs are still major threats to the species’ survival. The two hatchlings are growing in a behind-the-scenes area of the... Read More

Let's talk Texas horned lizard conservation

                                                  Fort Worth Zoo Curator of Ectotherms Diane Barber shares what made this recent Texas horned lizard release so important. Earlier in October, we released 105 Texas horned lizards into their native range at Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area. In total, 260 lizards were released this year and 205 of those... Read More

Meet Rupert - the Zoo's new baby penguin!

It’s a boy! 🐧💙 This little fluff hatched a few weeks ago to new parents, Penny and Tom. You may have noticed nesting behaviors from some of the African penguins as all of this happened in their outdoor exhibit! Traditionally, both parents take turns sitting on the nest and feeding and caring for their young. Rupert, the newest addition, will match his parents in size within a few months, but it will be a while before he loses his juvenile feathers and receives the... Read More