New at the Zoo - June 2021

Where Are All the Monarch Butterflies?

Pollinator Week: Where Are All the Monarch Butterflies? Characterized with striking black, white and orange markings, the monarch butterfly populates much of North, Central and South America as well as some Pacific Islands, India, Australia and Western Europe. Many Texans may recall the days of seeing monarchs flutter regularly around spring flowers, but those days are harder to come by as the monarch population has declined more than 90% in the past 20 years largely due to habitat... Read More
at Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Keeper Chats and Stage Shows are back!

Chat with a zookeeper, watch an animal show!   Have you ever wondered how much water an elephant can hold in its trunk? Are you curious about what the Zoo’s primates eat or how much a giant Aldabra tortoise weighs? Join the Zoo’s interpretive specialists and zookeepers daily throughout the park for Wild Encounters as they share facts and stats about Zoo animals. Experience, learn and ask your wildest animal questions. To see the daily Keeper Chat... Read More
at Thursday, June 17, 2021