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Meet Dilly, the Zoo's new reticulated giraffe

Dilly, the Zoo's tallest baby, was born in January 2015, standing 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 132 pounds. Her birth marks a third generation of giraffes currently at the Zoo – Kala is mother to Tatu and Corrie, and Corrie is mother to Dilly. Kala is now a grandmother to Dilly and Tatu is Dilly's aunt. Look for the unique heart-shaped marking on Dilly's neck as she explores the African Savannah exhibit. Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Monday, March 9, 2015

Pink-backed pelicans join African Savannah

Now residing in the giraffe yard moat in the Zoo’s African Savannah exhibit are six pink-backed pelicans ( Pelecanus rufescens ). Native to Sub-Saharan Africa and southern Saudi Arabia, this species prefers a habitat of calm, shallow water with vegetation. The pink-backed pelican has a wingspan of nearly 8 feet and is covered in white and gray feathers. Despite its name, the pink plumage covering the bird’s back can only be seen when it expands its wings. The pelican is... Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Friday, July 11, 2014