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Baby elephant update: March 2015

Belle and Bowie have more than tripled in size since their births in 2013. At 1.5 years old, Belle is 1,612 pounds and 60 inches tall. Bowie is 1,300 pounds and 58 inches tall. As the calves continue to grow, Bowie will eventually pass Belle in height and weight. In 2014, Bowie began to show signs of tusk development, with ivory emerging through his gums. The calves will continue with their behavior training in their second year, and are expected to exhibit more independence from their mothers.... Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet the Biggest Babies in Town

The Fort Worth Zoo is now home to TWO Asian elephant calves! Belle, daughter to Rasha, was born July 7, 2013, and Bowie (boo-ee), son to Bluebonnet, was born Aug. 5, 2013. Bowie’s arrival makes Rasha a grandmother and Belle an aunt – there are now three generations of elephants at the Fort Worth Zoo, which very much mimics how herds are established in the wild. In total, the Zoo is home to seven Asian elephants ( Elephas maximus ): four females and three males. All About Belle ... Read More
Posted by Avery Elander at Friday, August 9, 2013