Animal Toy Drive

Animal Toy Drive

Planning a Zoo visit during winter break? Consider bringing a new toy for the animals. You can now donate enrichment toys and items to your favorite Zoo animals - since they all made the Nice List!

All donations can be dropped in the donation boxes by the Zoo ticket booths, outside the turnstiles from Dec. 20 to Jan. 5.

Examples of donations (all items are $25 or less and can be easily purchased at pet stores or craft stores):

Parrot toys

Kong toys – all sizes

Grapevine wreaths

Wicker balls

Small animal nests/baskets (no handle)

Small animal Roll-a-Nest


New or gently used pillowcases and sheets

New or gently used t-shirts

Paper sacks – brown or colorful, all sizes

Small animal chew sticks

Don't live in the Fort Worth area, but still want to donate? You can purchase items on our Amazon registry.

The Fort Worth Zoo Animal Enrichment Program provides our animals with new food items, objects to manipulate, nest materials, and novel scents to give them the opportunity to express natural, species-appropriate behaviors each day. This includes donated toys and other enrichment items for busy paws, tails, beaks, mouths, and noses!

Learn more about our enrichment program here.

Posted by Hannah Ford at 8:33 AM