Two Herring gulls join Animal Outreach

Two Herring gulls join Animal Outreach

Herring gull

Larus argentatus

Habitat: Coastal areas, offshore islands

Range: Europe, Asia, North America  

The Animal Outreach team has added some new feathered members to their collection, two herring gulls. If you’ve ever interacted with a gull on the beach, perhaps trying to steal your food, you won’t be surprised to know these animals are highly intelligent, making them the perfect additions to the Animal Outreach program. The gulls are currently in training and will be making appearances in Outreach presentations and stage shows soon. Both birds are approximately 3 years old and are rehabilitated.  The male, Gulliver, was trapped in a power line in Virginia Beach for several days before the community rallied together to rescue him. He lost a wing due to the accident and can no longer fly, but he has adapted well to walking. The female gull, Sushi, was born at the Cincinnati Zoo after a local citizen collected her egg. Keep an eye out for these gulls this spring!  

Zoo location: Various Outreach programs, including stage shows, Behind-the-Scenes Tours and school visits.