Howdy to our new Texas horned lizards

Howdy to our new Texas horned lizards

Texas horned lizard

Phrynosoma cornutum

Habitat: Desert terrain

Range: Southern central United States and northern Mexico

Just in time for the return of football season, the Zoo has welcomed seven Texas horned lizards. As its name suggests, the Texas horned lizard has small horns all over its body and two larger horns on top of its head. The lizard is gray- or tan-colored with a white stripe down its back, and it uses camouflage as its first defense against threatening predators. Although the Texas horned lizard is the official state reptile, the lizard is still threatened here at home. The lizard’s eggs and young are preyed upon by non-native fire ants, it is collected illegally for the pet trade, and it is also hurt by insecticide use.

The horned lizard burrows underground in September or October, and it will hibernate there until April or May. When the weather becomes warmer, it will turn to the task of eating its diet of harvester ants, crickets and beetles.

Zoo location: Mountains and Desert area of Texas Wild!