New Rosellas in Parrot Paradise

New Rosellas in Parrot Paradise


Platycerus Spp.

Habitat: Wooded areas, including neighborhoods and parks

Range: Australia and some surrounding islands  

On your next visit into Parrot Paradise, look around and see if you can spot the newest residents. The Zoo has received five new rosellas – one eastern rosella, two crimson rosellas and two pale-headed rosellas. This brightly colored parrot species is known for its long pointed tail. The coloring of the bird is specific to its species (there are five), but each can be identified by its unique cheek patches. Rosellas are native to Australia and are a bit larger and more colorful than the cockatiels they share an exhibit space with at the Zoo. These parrots like to eat grass, fruit, flowers, larvae and, of course, seed sticks!    

Zoo location: Parrot Paradise

Cover image courtesy of Daniela Parra
Details image courtesy of Ralph Green