Sensory Day

Sensory Day

To the families who came out for our first-ever Sensory Day, we hope you had an enjoyable experience connecting with wildlife and making memories with friends and family.

A huge thank you to Therapy and Beyond and to students from the University of North Texas and Parker University for their help and participation in the event.

Sensory-Friendly Day was specially designed for individuals on the autism spectrum as well as others who have sensory sensitivities. Some sensory-sensitive accommodations allowed these individuals to enjoy a fun-filled day at the Zoo with their families and caregivers. Participants had access to quiet rooms in the Zoo’s education centers for breaks and quiet zones inside the Zoo, which were available to create relief from any overwhelming situations. Other accommodations included educational activities in multiple locations as well as animal encounters.

To learn more about accessibility at the Fort Worth Zoo, click here

Posted by Hannah Ford at 1:48 PM