Pronking with the new Springbok

Pronking with the new Springbok


Antidorcas marsupialis marsupialis

Habitat: Open fields, near dry edges of bodies of water

Range: South and southwestern Africa  

Shortly after entering the Zoo, right in the middle of Zebra Plaza, you’ll notice a new hoofstock species sharing an exhibit with the kudu. Two male springboks have joined the Zoo’s collection from San Diego Safari Park, and are each not quite 2 years old.  

The springbok is a striking animal, with beautiful contrasting markings down the side of its body and face. It has two horns in the shape of a lyre, measuring 14 inches in length. This animal demonstrates a behavior called “pronking” when startled or excited. The springbok will leap vertically in the air, often as much as 4 feet high, with its head down, back arched, white rump patch flared and hooves together. The behavior is meant to serve as a distraction to its predators, such as lions, cheetahs and hyenas.  

Zoo location: African Savannah