Tongues out for World Giraffe Day

Tongues out for World Giraffe Day

Tongues out for World Giraffe Day! We're excited to have a full day dedicated to celebrating these animals and raising awareness about the challenges that giraffes face in the wild.

Giraffe at Fort Worth ZooIn particular, the reticulated giraffe is now considered endangered by the IUCN Red List, facing rapid population decline over the past few decades. The reticulated giraffe is found in northern Kenya and is distinguishable from other subspecies because of its large orange-brown spots that are defined by a thin “network” of white lines.  Specific threats to the reticulated giraffe include habitat loss and poaching.

The Fort Worth Zoo joins in on conservation efforts on behalf of the giraffe population by participating in breeding programs in order to maintain a genetically healthy population of reticulated giraffes. Kali, the herd's latest addition, is an example of successful breeding through this program. This is one way that the Fort Worth Zoo, alongside countless conservation organizations around the country, are working to conserve and Giraffes at Fort Worth Zooprotect the reticulated giraffe.

Did you know? A giraffe’s heart weighs 25 pounds – that’s about how much the average two-year-old toddler weighs!

Here at the Fort Worth Zoo, we now have 8 reticulated giraffes, with Kali (born at the end of May 2019) rounding out the herd. Stop by today, June 21, to celebrate World Giraffe Day and meet the Zoo's reticulated giraffes in our African Savanna exhibit, which also includes an elevated deck for feeding these long-necked animals.