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Virtual Programs at the Zoo

Zoom into the Zoo


This is not your normal conference call. Dial in and you might be surprised to find the joining participants have beaks, tails or even scales! We are now offering programs in a place where pajamas are welcomed, can you guess? At home! Viewers will get to see firsthand how zookeepers take care of the wildlife, what kind of diets the animals require, and learn some fun facts along the way. 

Take a look below to learn more about these virtual animal adventures.

Virtual Field Trip

Every seat is the best in the house on this field trip! Up to 100 participants can join this 30-minute personalized animal program. This is great for school, business or club meetings! You'll have the opportunity to choose and learn about three amazing animals, which include a range of birds, small mammals and reptiles, both native and exotic.

Creature Feature

Sometimes field trips leave us with more questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some one-on-one time with the experts? Now you can! Go live with a zookeeper and two animals of your choice. This 20-minute chat is designed for small groups (think families, individual classes and animal lovers of all ages) looking for a personal, interactive experience. Customize a list of animals in order to really make this experience your own.

Monthly Menagerie

Like the Creature Feature, this 20-minute chat is also designed for small groups. But in this program, you will learn about a specific animal theme and discover two animals that relate to the theme. Monthly topics can be viewed as you register.


Breakfast with the Beasts

The only place kids get a pass to talk with their mouths full! Feel free to turn off the morning ‘toons while your kids tune in to an interactive and educational virtual breakfast experience with the animals.


Virtual Zoo Careers Program

This 30-minute virtual program focuses on the ins and outs of numerous Zoo careers.  Join a Zoo Education staff member as we explore career options and chat with another Zoo employee.  Students can ask questions in this interactive program. This program can also be customized to fit specific needs.  Click the button to schedule. 


Virtual Storytime

Bring a naptime story to life! This 20-minute program includes one animal-themed story, one animal visitor and virtual social time with participants. This offering, geared toward pre-k and kindergarten-aged children, is sure to be a story they’ll never forget!







Don’t see a program wild enough for you? We are happy to curate an experience for any occasion!   


Personalized Video Message

Animals have a unique way of making people smile! Celebrate a new job, let someone know you are thinking about them, or encourage a friend with their very own video from a favorite animal at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Your video will include a personalized message to whomever you wish with an animal experience specific to you. Need help getting started? Let someone know you are just “popping in” to check on them with a video from the meerkat mound or encourage a friend to “keep your chin up” with help from a giraffe. These 30- to 45-second videos will give you an up-close view of your favorite animal for an unforgettable encounter. You can share your message with friends and family and post on social media. All proceeds from personalized video orders will go toward the care and feeding of our Fort Worth Zoo animals. 

Virtual Gift Ideas

  1. Surprise your child’s favorite teacher with a Virtual Field Trip for the class.
  2. Make happy hour at work a little wilder with a Creature Feature!
  3. Send a grandchild or even a grandparent a personalized message from their favorite animal.
  4. Grab your neighbors for a Saturday morning Virtual Breakfast Club.
  5. Switch up the kids’ storytime routine and read along with a furry friend.


Here are just a few of the animals you might encounter during your virtual adventure!

Alta- Hyacinth Macaw, 28 years old 

Thistle- Cape Porcupine, 4 years old 

Kenya- African Serval, 16 years old 

Thornton – Great Horned Owl, 17 years old 

Randal- Blue Tongue Skink, 6 years old 

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