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World of Primates welcomes female mandrill

The World of Primates ’ newest member is a female mandrill ( Mandrillus sphinx ). Most known for its vivid coloring, the mandrill has a red and blue muzzle and a bluish-purple rump (the coloring is more pronounced in males than in females and juveniles). Many animals do not have color vision, but primates are an exception. This particular primate uses its color vision for a special purpose: The mandrill’s bright coloration makes it easier for the monkey to locate other members of... Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pink-backed pelicans join African Savannah

Now residing in the giraffe yard moat in the Zoo’s African Savannah exhibit are six pink-backed pelicans ( Pelecanus rufescens ). Native to Sub-Saharan Africa and southern Saudi Arabia, this species prefers a habitat of calm, shallow water with vegetation. The pink-backed pelican has a wingspan of nearly 8 feet and is covered in white and gray feathers. Despite its name, the pink plumage covering the bird’s back can only be seen when it expands its wings. The pelican is... Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Friday, July 11, 2014

Meet the Biggest Babies in Town

The Fort Worth Zoo is now home to TWO Asian elephant calves! Belle, daughter to Rasha, was born July 7, 2013, and Bowie (boo-ee), son to Bluebonnet, was born Aug. 5, 2013. Bowie’s arrival makes Rasha a grandmother and Belle an aunt – there are now three generations of elephants at the Fort Worth Zoo, which very much mimics how herds are established in the wild. In total, the Zoo is home to seven Asian elephants ( Elephas maximus ): four females and three males. All About Belle ... Read More
Posted by Katie Kreder at Friday, August 9, 2013