World of Primates

The pyramid that pierces the sky at the peak of the World of Primates exhibit is the first sight that most people first notice upon entering the Zoo. Inside the exhibit, a huge tree in the center of the gorilla habitat stretches to the ceiling. Waterfalls trickle throughout the rainforest habitat. Around the perimeter, black-and-white colobus monkeys leap and play with their white hair flowing behind them. The Zoo’s bonobos (an ape species similar to chimpanzees) also have an indoor habitat.

Outside, the World of Primates stretches even further, providing habitats for orangutans, mandrills and white-cheeked gibbons. Another troop of gorillas lives outside in a lush forest habitat. The bonobos have a large outdoor area as well.

Primates are known for being active and entertaining. The gibbons display impressive speed and artistry as they swing through their jungle-gym-like structure, and the orangutans like to make a toy out of an unlikely item: burlap sacks. Whether guests are inside or outside, there is plenty to see across the 2.5 acres of the World of Primates.

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