Recycling Program
elephants at Fort Worth Zoo

Recycling Program

Recycling Program

Many items that are used in homes and offices could be recycled but are discarded and end up in landfills, which are already limited in space. By participating in our recycling programs, you can save valuable spaceFort Worth Zoo recycling program in landfills and at the same time generate proceeds that will directly benefit the Zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts and our animal enrichment program. These recycling programs generate cash for the Zoo. By participating, you provide a great benefit to the environment and to the animals at the Fort Worth Zoo!

The Fort Worth Zoo has a proven commitment to wildlife conservation in Texas and worldwide. We support projects in more than 30 countries and promote conservation efforts for a variety of species ranging from elephants and rhinos to iguanas and toads. Our animal enrichment program encompasses the behavioral needs of the animals in our collection. Our program is designed to provide our animals with opportunities to express natural, species-appropriate behaviors, whether it be foraging, exploring, playing, or simply resting comfortably. We accomplish this by providing variety within our animals’ environments each day, by offering new food items, objects, nest materials, scents and by conducting training sessions.

Recycle your e-waste

Businesses can support the Zoo by recycling the following items through Cartridges for Kids

Inkjet cartridges  Digital cameras 
Laser cartridges Laptops
Cell phones PDAs/Palm Pilots
Video games iPods 
Video game consoles    DVD movies 

Visit to enroll your business and list the Fort Worth Zoo as the organization your business wishes to sponsor. Then, simply collect items accepted by the program and follow the shipping guidelines to request a free shipping label and mail your box. Please do not bring recyclables directly to the Zoo; we appreciate your participation in the program!