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Lion watercolor graphic for Fort Worth Zoo's A Wilder Vision campaign

Support A Wilder Vision

Help Your Zoo Get Wilder!

It’s an entirely different experience to see an animal in person rather than on a screen. There’s a bond to create and memories to make when watching two elephant calves splashing in a watering hole or a lion pride spending time with each other as you are only separated by a pane of glass or pool of water.

With that in mind, big changes are underway at the Fort Worth Zoo and things are getting wilder. In 2016, the Fort Worth Zoo announced A Wilder Vision, a $100-million capital campaign that includes new spaces, renovated habitats, special events space, multiple dining areas and most importantly, new ways to observe, interact with and learn about animals. zebra watercolor graphic

The Fort Worth Zoo invites you to experience the African Savanna and looks forward to the completion of Elephant Springs in 2021. As we complete each phase of A Wilder Vision, we strengthen our commitment to conservation, education and entertainment with families across the Metroplex.